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The King’s Speech

Origin: Ohio, United States


“I remember that I was a good reader in the lower grades at school. I think it was the third grade. The teacher would call on me to read, as an example for the other students to follow. Apparently I was the goal everyone was to reach. But one day, I couldn’t read....”

Buckets of Water and Boxes of Fruit

Origin: Bulacan, Philippines


“At seven years old, I started my mornings with only one thing in mind: to make money.”

The Darkest Hour Before The Dawn

Origin: Nairobi, Kenya


“After so many painful fights about our life and finances, I walked into our house one evening to find my wife gone. She could not take any more of the arguments and the debts. I would love to say that this was the turning point for us but things actually got worse. I was really losing it with the drinking and everyone around me was seriously concerned. As they say, the darkest hour comes before the dawn and just when there seemed to be no hope, a new beginning walked into my life.”

Braving The Corporate Jungle

Origin: Singapore


“I wanted to know what the real corporate world felt like. I didn’t realize then that I wasn’t mentally or emotionally ready for the roller-coaster ride that was waiting. I always had the option to pack and leave, but today I’m so glad I stayed—and fought back to prove myself.”