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The First Heartache

Origin: Portmore, Jamaica


“I told him we were through, that I was done with him and I was moving on with my life. It was at that point when I found out how emotionally unstable he really was. He threatened to kill me if he ever found out that I was seeing someone new. I was mad and didn’t think much about it. The only thing I wanted to do was to stay out of his life forever. But I soon found out just how serious he really was…”

The Scars Behind The Smile

Origin: Thailand


“Anyone who has ever been abused in any form can tell you about the evil that’s sealed across your soul, as though the devil himself left his signature to prove he was there.”

Falling Through The Cracks

Origin: South Africa


“We thought we were invincible and that our marriage was an inviolable fortress. But I was not able to see this one coming...I did not know how to restore the equilibrium to our relationship. All I could do was ask myself - how could this be happening to us?”