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Raising Voices

Origin: Cairo, Egypt


“Screaming women and running feet were all I could see. I saw blood on clothes and people falling to the ground. Ali suddenly grabbed my arm and told me: ‘If we lose each other in the crowd, don't wait for me; just be safe and go home. And if I don't return, then ask God for us to meet again.’ I just kept looking at him. I was stunned. I didn’t understand what was going on...”

Once Upon A Time In Tunisia

Origin: Sfax, Tunisia


“We started running towards them, but to our surprise, they aimed at us and started shooting. It was the first time that I ever saw real guns and bullets. I felt both fear and excitement. I had in my mind one concept, 'What happens to others, will never happen to me...'”

Days of Glory

Origin: Egypt


“We were Muslims and Christians, educated and uneducated. We were all fighting with our hearts and our bare hands. Our guns were made of dreams filled with bullets of hope against the devil. His forces were armed with bombs and bullets. But the devil is weak. The right is strong. God is right.”