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Flirting with the Devil (Part 2)

Origin: Tegucigalpa, Honduras


“I never gave my wife or my unborn child a single thought. Today was all that mattered - enough drugs for today, enough alcohol for today. Tomorrow? We will just have to deal with it when it comes.”

The Spark

Origin: United States


“There is something each of us can do that no other person can. We absolutely must do these things. Or we fall apart.”

Rising To The Challenge

Origin: Cologne, Germany


“When I decided to leave school for a year in search of my true path, my family never lost their faith in me. They always let me know that I was special, that I was destined for something great, and that I had such a promising future. The world, however, apparently had its own plans… ”

The Cancer That Cured Us

Origin: Prague, Czech Republic


“What weight did my teenage worries and my brother’s school hardships have in the face of death? What childhood wounds and injustices that my mother felt she had suffered when she was small could not be forgotten in the light of not being able to talk to her mother ever again? And how can you keep holding a grudge against a son-in-law who held your hand in the moment of your greatest fear, no matter how disagreeable you thought him to be before?”

A Lethal Phrase

Origin: Mexico


“The doctor, surrounded by a medical committee, carefully reviewed the EKG and diagnosed that my uncle’s heart muscle ‘had suffered minor damage.’ I understand that a healthy heart can compensate for minor damages. But without letting the doctors finish their explanation, my uncle’s eyes grew angry. He broke out and called the whole thing outrageous. He accused the doctors of medical malpractice for not spotting his heart problem right away during his first trip to the emergency room. ‘You do not care about my health!’ my uncle yelled. ‘I could have died!’”